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Leadec Kft.


For more than 2 decades Leadec Kft. is supporting the leading members of the automotive industry with innovative contribution and high competence. We are specialized in technical services such as:

  • Assembly and start-up of electrical systems
  • Operation and maintenance of building services engineering systems
  • Infrastructural facility services
  • Assembly and start-up of machines and systems
  • Operation of conveyor technology and production facilities
  • Pre-assembly

Part of our corporate strategy is to provide cost-effective and first-class services at a good price/performance ratio. The aim of the extensive solutions developed by us is to support the competitiveness of our customers in a constantly changing business environment.




Together with our customers we develop and implement individual services packages that fit the requested specification. We constantly work on the improvement and expansion of our service portfolio.

  • 1994: May 2: founding of Hörmann Györ Kft., assembly and start-up of electrical systems
  • 1995: Integration of assembly and start-up work in the istallation of steel structures and in building services engineering, Györ
  • 1996: Introduction of the first operating tasks in building services engineering and energetics, Györ
  • 1998: Operation of mechanical energy control centers and supply systems
  • 2004: Facility management, Györ
  • 2010: October: Hörmann Györ Kft. has been renamed to Voith Industrial Services Kft.
  • Fiscal year 2010/2011:
    - Workforce tops 100
    - October: new site in Kecskemét
  • Fiscal year 2011/2012:
    - Györ: Facility management, electrical installations
    - Kecskemét: Janitorial cleaning, technical cleaning,
      facility management, maintenance of conveyor technology
  • 2012:
    - July: Merger with DIW Service Kft., new sites in Miskolc, Szombathely, Kecskemét
    - November: Central energy management,Györ
    - Increase in workforce from 136 to 463 people
  • 2013: March: technical cleaning, Györ
  • 2014: Voith Industrial Services Kft. for 20 years a strong partner for the automotive industry
  • 2017: Voith Industrial Services is now known as Leadec

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Leadec Kft.
Csipkegyári út. 2-4
9025 Győr

Phone: + 36 96 550 640

Social Responsibility

We support these organizations:

  • Mother, infant and children’s home, Győr
  • Lurkó Foundation, Győr
  • Children orphanage centre, Győr
  • Children department of Kecskemét Foundation
  • Trainband Fellowship, Kecskemét
  • Rotary Győr foundation
  • Childrensport (w.t.n), Győr
  • Red Cross