Technical Cleaning

Technical Cleaning

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State-of-the-art methods

The technical cleaning of increasingly complex machines and production processes calls for a far-reaching understanding of all processes involved. This presupposes expertise and trained personnel. Voith Industrial Services specializes in technical cleaning and is a market leader in this area.

Thanks to our decades of experience we know exactly what industry needs. We facilitate problem-free processes and as a result preserve the value and safeguard the availability of your facilities and machines. Even within sensitive areas like painting facilities, we always find a suitable solution for your requirements thanks to our longstanding expertise.

Our experts select the equipment and machines for technical cleaning on the basis of the properties of the items to be cleaned and the degree of fouling. In doing so we always use the latest processes to ensure fast and efficient cleaning that does not damage the materials.

One such process is dry ice cleaning. Dry ice is a flexible, environmentally compatible cleaning method that quickly and gently removes dirt and contamination from a very wide range of surfaces. The cost and effort for waste disposal is minimized, chemical additives are not needed and shutdown periods can be reduced.


Our services

  • Machine Cleaning
  • Technologies
    - Press Shop
    - Body Shop
    - Paint Shop
    - Final Assembly

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Paint shops

We are a leading paint shop services specialist providing services at more than 80 paint shops worldwide.

Unique expertise and global experience

Our range of services for paint shops includes technical cleaning, process optimization and maintenance and operation of systems. Our highly skilled team strives to achieve high system availability and a low defect rate in production. We bring together all our expertise to make it available worldwide and constantly improve our processes. We are the only ones who use a computer-aided system that has been adjusted to our specific needs and processes to plan and assess technical paint shop cleaning activities.

Our services at a glance

  • Special Cleaning
    - Deep Cleaning
    - High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Audit
    - Input-Output Analysis
    - Paint Defect Analysis
  • Maintenance
    - Filter Management
    - Connecting Conveyors
  • Plant Operation (BOT)
    - Paint Shops
    - Paint Sludge Area
    - Paint Mix Room

Special expertise

  • Grate cleaning at 2,500 bar
  • HVAC systems according to VDI 6022 (Association of German Engineers’ regulation), including enumeration of germs by external laboratory


As part of our process optimization offer, the Voith Industrial Services team also carries out paint defect analyses. Painting defects can often be caused by foreign bodies such as fibers, abrasion from materials handling equipment or dirt on the work pieces themselves, for example. As part of the process optimization, the paint defect analysis is used by the Voith Industrial Services team to reduce the amount of rework. This optimization method is most effective if it is ongoing and carried out during production. It involves a service technician from Voith Industrial Services being permanently on site or coming onto the shop floor at regular intervals to analyze the faults that occur. The operator then always receives a report with specific suggestions for eliminating the defect source.

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Practical Example

We have been providing various services at a major automotive manufacturer’s site for many years. Our services include production equipment cleaning, paint shop cleaning, factory street and floor cleaning and paint stripping of data carriers.

We also carry out dry ice blasting at this site. For example, we clean control cabinets using dry ice.

This example shows how versatile this cleaning method is. Voith Industrial Services, a technical cleaning specialist, has continuously developed this method further and utilizes it even in the most sensitive areas.

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