Facility Services

Facility Services

Ensuring you have a perfect working environment

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For a long time, our facility services have been contributing to the success of our customers. We create a perfect working environment. Our highly skilled teams maintain, inspect and operate facilities and buildings on the basis of specified standards. Because expertly provided facility services can preserve the value of a building and the building services within it over the long term. This allows you to concentrate on your core business while achieving cost benefits.

We cover all the main aspects of technical and infrastructural facility services. We customize packages based on our range, from responsibility for specific maintenance groups to extensive concepts for operational processes.

Technical Facility Services

Within the framework of our technical facility services we focus
on services that guarantee long-term and smooth-running building operation.

  • Building Services Maintenance
  • Energy Management
  • Plant Overhaul / Modernization
  • Warranty Management
  • On-Call and Emergency Services
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Operator Function

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Infrastructural Facilty Services

The focus of our services is on reducing your workload by providing sustained
support for your production process. In addition, we take over jobs for you that
help preserve the value and appeal of your building.

  • Janitorial Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Winter Services
  • Relocation Services
  • Waste Management
  • Car Service

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Practical example

Voith Industrial Services provides offline maintenance and facility management in a state-of-the-art automotive plant. We operate all buildings including the plant room and we maintain all building services. In addition, we are responsible for energy management, which is designed for maximum efficiency. With our 24/7 helpdesk we are available to the customer at any time of the year. 80 Voith Industrial Services employees work in the plant and also contribute useful quality improvement ideas to the internal CIP.

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