Tap your processes’ full potential

Automation in the automotive industry

Voith Industrial Services helps you make the very most of the potentials in your processes. On your behalf, we find process automation solutions.

We concentrate on the electrical components of automation systems. Our focus is on providing electrical services for the body and paint shop as well as for conveyor systems, i.e. electrical engineering, programming, switching device manufacture, installation, and commissioning.

Our range of services does not stop at plant commissioning. We also offer production equipment online and offline maintenance and operation.

Our services at a glance

Our focus is on the fields of bodyshell work, conveyor technique and paint shops.

  • Hardware Engineering (CAD Eplan, Ruplan)
  • Software Engineering (Simatic S7 / Phoenix PcWorx)
  • Human Machine Interface (WIN CC, Intouch, Graphic)
  • Robot Programming (KUKA, Fanuc, ABB, Reiss) with Process Technology (Welding, Gluing, Bending, Clinching, Laser welding, MIG/TIG, Handling)
  • Control Cabinet & Electrical Installation
  • New Constructions and Modifications
  • Maintenance of Body Shop Equipment (online-offline)
  • Operation of Body Shop Equipment

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Press release 2016-11-16: 
Voith Industrial Services awarded contract by EBZ Group 

The car body manufacturer EBZ Group has placed an order for the automation technology of new vehicle lines in Alabama, with Voith Industrial Services. EBZ is to equip with new production facilities in body construction. Learn more...

Practical Examples


In China, the subtropical climate placed special requirements on the engineering and the quality of the installation. The Voith Industrial Services specialists were in charge of the automation technology for skillet and pusher skillet conveyors, the vehicle assembly and door overhead conveyor. Scope of services: 2 skillet conveyors for the installation of sunroofs and a closed rectangular pusher skillet conveyor system used as storage conveyor, 1 heavy duty overhead monorail for vehicle assembly, 1 door overhead monorail with 2 disassembly and 2 assembly stations each, 6 controls, 8 hoists, 6 big displays, one special ”ask help system“ for the workstations with over 280 call points.


Hemming, adhering, roll hemming, clinching, stud welding and laser welding were the processes that had to be automated for the door, front and rear lid production of a new car model in a body shop in Germany. 240 robots now contribute to a smooth production process. Voith Industrial Services’ share in this project: electrical engineering, software engineering, control cabinet manufacture, electrical installations, robot programming, process equipment programming, commissioning.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe we provide automation services in the body shop. High-strength sheet steel welding, plasmatron welding and aluminum laser welding are examples for automated processes we support. We maintain robots and robot controls, robot welding guns, laser, adhesive and conveyor systems as well as swivel units and we also operate facilities.