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Leadec in Czech Republic

Leadec is a leader in supplying “customized” technical services to the automotive sector.

Competitive pressure, shifting production, changing models and technological innovations can all lead to customers requiring production equipment to be installed in a short time, existing technology to be upgraded or optimized, or even to have it rebuilt at another site.

The specialists of Leadec s.r.o. have expertise in power and electrical engineering as well as automation. We have comprehensive know how in the fields of mechanics, steering, tires and media supply, including automation of production units, as well as completely robotized workplaces and production lines.

Leadec s.r.o., a subsidiary of the Leadec group, was established in 1999 and is an important service partner for local prime industries. Due to the excellent know-how of its employees the company has earned a very good reputation among its customers and business partners. Besides a major customer from the automotive industry, Leadec s.r.o. provides the same degree of care to many other local and international companies located in its region of the Czech Republic. Due to the continuously growing business volume Leadec s.r.o. is offering technical jobs in energy and electrical engineering, automation and facility management to both young graduates and experienced professionals.

The employees at Leadec s.r.o. build a strong team which is able to meet customer needs. By helping our customers to complete challenging jobs, they are able to concentrate on their core business. Global links spanning the world, fast processing of information and the demand for effective solutions have had a substantial impact on the decision-making processes behind the awarding of a contract. Emerging pressure to reduce the number of contractors is forcing service providers to interact constantly with different professions and operations. The future belongs to companies that can offer integrated service packages across borders. That is how Leadec s.r.o. tailors its services and its presence to the requirements and changes in the market.


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